Shimano-Linkglide 9,10,11s ketju E-bike


Smooth and reliable shift performance
Compatible with LINKGLIDE 10/11-speed and 11-speed HYPEGLIDE drivetrain system !
LINKGLIDE delivers seamless shifting and pedaling performance that’s made to last.
LINKGLIDE will support stress-free riding and ownership experiences for evolving bike types and riding styles for years to come. It is an exceptionally durable drivetrain built to stand up to persistent daily wear and provide enduring shifting and pedaling performance for multi-purpose bikes and high-torque e-bikes.
The robustly engineered cassette design shifts up and down gears seamlessly while significantly reducing drivetrain wear. LINKGLIDE is the ultimate utility drivetrain that delivers long-lasting performance.

Weight: 257 g
Chromizing treatment roller link pin
Pin link plate: Gray
Roller link plate: Gray
E-BIKE rear derailleur system compatible

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